Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

Competitions, grants 2016-2017

Effective was the participation of students in the National annual competition of research works of students in natural, technical, social, humanitarian and economic Sciences in the universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the reporting year, diplomas of MES were awarded 10 works:
1. Altynbek Ulbala, Iskak Gulbanu. Specialty 5B011200 "Chemistry" 4th year, theme:"Alcantara sutek Armas acelister Alu DS"- SECOND place (scientific supervisor: K. H. M., Professor B. K. Masalimova.)
2. Polat Jeanne.Специальность5В011700- "Kazakh language and literature" 4 course theme: "Kazakh and Kazakh bypass Damu sellery"- THIRD place (scientific supervisor: PhD.N., associate Professor B. A. Rakhmetova)
3. Rimella Gauhar. Specialty 5В012200 "Orys the outputin metatarder orys tili men adebieti", 4th year, theme: "Lexical-semantic, structural and grammatical aspects of podonkov of Arkalyk of Kostanay region" - SECOND place ( scientific supervisor: senior teacher, master Ibrahim A. E.).
4. Kikenova Aizhan. Specialty 5B010300 "Pedagogy and psychology" 3 course theme:"the Formation of value orientati today's students through the creation of a collaborative environment" - SECOND place (scientific supervisor: senior teacher, master Almetova A. L.).
5. Zhanbyrbai Gldani, Mirambel NRSRO. 5В010700 specialty "Fine arts and drawing" course 3, theme: "Banele coz oneri pnnce ouseley ciarmella bellenden Arturo"-SECOND place (scientific supervisor: candidate of pedagogic Sciences, associate Professor S. J. Tropinova).
6. Ali Ygl.Specialty 5B011400"history" 4 course theme: "Tori irty-slat gildar Urbany"-THIRD place (scientific supervisor: candidate of philosophical Sciences.Sciences, associate Professor G. S. Konkina).
7. Djurabekova Ayauzhan. Specialty 5B010200 "Vastaus oito dememes", 3 course, topic: "Gekeler oito bastus synyp ouseley setcalc abliefern damytu Ali" - SECOND place (supervisors: Isabaev J. A., A. E. Duisembekova).
8. Kulmagambetova S. M., K. J. Mirza Specialty 5b011500 "Basis of law and economy" 4 the course, topic: "Constitutional and legal basis for inclusive education in the Republic of Kazakhstan" - THIRD place (scientific supervisor: senior teacher. M. Yur.Bermane B. R. E.).
9. Poezdov A. B. Specialty 5В011500 "relationship in the Republic and the economy Neger" 3 course theme: "Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Bilim take salesindia halyard intimately retted constitutively-ity Neger" THIRD place (scientific supervisor: senior teacher. M. Yur.Bermane B. R. E.).
10. Amirova Aida. Specialty 5B011900 "Setel tlder: C Sheth language" 2 course theme: "LESSON STUDY-di man tarriance oldnode erektiler" - THIRD place (scientific supervisor: senior lecturer Akhmetova G. H.)
In 2016, students of the University took part in the National competition for the best scientific work of students in natural, technical and humanitarian Sciences "Scientists of the future", organized by the Foundation of the First President, in which a student of gr.RX – 42 Rimella Gauhar with the theme of "Lexical-semantic, structural and grammatical aspects of podonkov of Arkalyk of Kostanay region" (supervisor senior lecturer, master Ibrahim A. E.) took the prize.
For the purposes of motivation and greater involvement in the research work of students, for the third consecutive year,in the month of April, held a competition of student scientific works for the award of the rector Arkgpi. 31 students took part, the premium Fund amounted to 120,000 tenge.


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