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Educational hour "Uly tula - Al-Farabi"

Educational hour "Uly tula - Al-Farabi"

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Today, on the ZOOM platform, an educational hour was held on the topic "Uly tula - Al-Farabi", organized by the senior lecturer of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, Master of Natural Sciences Abdrakhmanova Meyramkul Turganbaevna, curator of the MF-31 group, Faculty of Natural Science and Informatization, Department of Physics and Mathematics.

The purpose of the educational hour is to promote the creativity of the outstanding scientist of the East - Abu Nasr al-Farabi, providing students with full information about the contribution of the spiritual heritage of the great thinker to the development of science, culture, about his life, works, and the indelible legacy left in history. And also the formation of a consciousness in students that knows, appreciates and is proud of its history, is proud of its past, really appreciates the present and looks positively into the future.
Documentary videos, presentations from the life of Abu Nasr al-Farabi were presented.

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