Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin



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Since the entry into force in 1997 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the accession of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the charter of the International Civil Defense Organization", our country has become a full member of the international organization, and according to the established tradition, on March 1 of each year in Kazakhstan, as in many countries of the world, World Day is celebrated Civil Protection.

The headquarters of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Institute is carrying out certain work in the field of Civil Defense.
The plans of Civil Defense approved by the Chief of Civil Defense - Chairman of the Board - Rector of the Institute have been worked out. The activities of the Schedule Plan for the protection of the facility from natural and man-made emergencies were completed.
The work of the Civil Defense units largely depends on the provision of the material and technical base. Therefore, the civil defense headquarters is working on staffing, equipping and maintaining the institute's Civil Defense forces in readiness. So, during the year, personal protective equipment, gas masks, sanitary and evacuation stretchers, first-aid kits were purchased. Work in this direction continues.
Today on March 1, members of the civil defense formation of the institute: specialists of civil defense and emergency situations Murzabaev A.S., OT and TB Sembin S.Zh., senior lecturer of the Department of Biology, Chemistry and Geography, Master Amirov M.S., took an active part in the event for the World Day of Civil Protection. Demonstration exercises of emergency rescue and firefighting units were held, training videos about emergencies were shown, by the staff of the medical center Bekbosynova K.I., Taeva G.S., actions for providing first aid to victims in emergency situations were shown. 1st year students decorated stands on Civil Protection.

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