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"Do Good" promotion

"Do Good" promotion

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Each student has the right to independently dispose of his scholarship. The students of the volunteer group unanimously decided to spend the scholarship for good deeds.

So, on February 22, volunteers of ArkPI "Zhurekten zhurekke" organized an action "Hurry to do good!" The plan of the event included certain tasks, for this purpose the students were divided into 4 groups. The first group at their own expense helped pensioners Akbarova Gainizhamal, Rakhmetova Kulyayim with food and household chores. The second group treated buns and hot tea to workers working outdoors in the cold season. The third group shared the front of work, helping a large family living in hostel No. 12 for socially needy families with household chores, and also provided them with food. The fourth group helped Raushan, a pensioner Abdrakhmanova, in arranging the territory of the land plot: chopping wood, throwing coal, removing snow from snow drifts.
There are no small and large deeds, every deed is great if it is fulfilled at the call of the heart!

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