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Public lecture "El Korkany - Er Iman"

Public lecture "El Korkany - Er Iman"

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On February 12, 2020, an open lesson on the topic: “El Korkany - Yer Iman” was held on the 240th anniversary of the birth of the famous Kazakh batyr Iman Dulatula. For students of the specialty "History", a lecture was delivered by a graduate of our institute, a researcher at the regional museum of the history of the Steppe Territory Sagintayev Batyrlan Zhumabayuuly. Roman Aymagambetuly, director of the Ruhani Zhanuir project office, spoke about the importance of the Great Names of the Great Steppe project, the historic site of Kenesary Kasymov’s national liberation uprising (1837-1847), and Batyrlan Zhambayuly’s research work.

Recently, in the city of Kostanay, the Karlygash printing house published a book by Batyrlan Zhұmabayұlynyң "Eski sөz - elo murasy" in the amount of 100 copies, which collected samples of oral folk art of the Turgai region. This is the work carried out within the framework of the “seven facets of the Great Steppe” project of a program article in Elbasy. During the meeting, he also told students about unpublished facts from the life of Iman-Batyr.
 The problem of the history of personality is one of the areas of domestic historical science in recent years. Through personality, a broad path opens to the study of the history of a country, a nation.
 Great personalities who represent the dignity of a nation are formed in the history of the nation and guide the development of this society.

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