Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

Information hour "My Independent Kazakhstan"

Information hour "My Independent Kazakhstan"

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In the information and library complex of the ArkGPI named after I. Altynsarin, on the eve of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an event was held on the theme "Aybiny asgak, tyry biik Tauelsiz Kazakhstan!". The event was held by an employee of the library Akbota Khasenova. She congratulated students on the upcoming Independence Day, introduced them to the chronology of the main events of independent Kazakhstan, starting in 1991, from the moment of gaining Independence, and told those present about the December events of 1986, about the participants in these events.

        During the informational hour, the following videos were demonstrated: “16 Zhetoқsan - Kazakstanny Tәuelsіzdіk alғan kүnі”, “Zheloқsan izkary”. The event was accompanied by a slide presentation: "Тәуелсіздік баға жетпесайлы".
At the evening, patriotic songs were performed by 1st year students of ArkGPI Zhuldyz Turkmenbaeva, Aidana Arabai. The atmosphere of the event was imbued with the spirit of patriotism and pride for their homeland, for its heroic past and present.
      At the end, a review of the book exhibition of the same name was held, which revealed the main historical milestones in the formation of the statehood of Kazakhstan.

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