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"Elem tanykan Uly Abay"

"Elem tanykan Uly Abay"

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In 2020, marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of the poet, thinker, composer, public figure, founder of Kazakh written literature - Abay Kunanbaiuly.
On the eve of the poet’s anniversary, the book exhibition “Alem tanykan Uly Abay” was organized at the information and library complex of the ArkGPI named after I. Altynsarin, dedicated to the life and work of the great poet of the Kazakh people Abay Kunanbaiuly.

Abay Kunanbayuly is a great poet of the Kazakh people, a philosopher-humanist, composer, master of literary words. As an innovator, Abay introduced new poetic forms previously unknown to Kazakh literature. A special place in the work of the poet is occupied by the poems "Masgud", "Iskander" and "The Legend of Azim."
The literary and aesthetic heritage of Abay is the national pride of the Kazakh people. Writers, literary scholars, linguists, philosophers, psychologists of the whole world turn to the work of the great Abay. His works inspire the young generation to serve their people, support the desire for enlightenment and knowledge in it.
The book exhibition presents materials about the life and work of Abay, his works and works, as well as articles about him by famous personalities. Librarian of the reading room of educational literature Zhundibaeva A.E. held a presentation of the exhibition.

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