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VIII All-Russian Scientific and Methodological Online Conference Held together with ArkGPI

VIII All-Russian Scientific and Methodological Online Conference Held together with ArkGPI

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On November 13, 2019, teachers and students of the Department of Physics of Mathematics at the ArkPI named after I. Altynsarin took part in the online VIII All-Russian scientific and methodological conference “Information Technologies in Mathematics and Mathematical Education”, which took place in Krasnoyarsk. Conference partners: Ministry of Education and Science of the Krasnoyarsk Territory; Institute of Computational Modeling SB RAS; Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I. Altynsarin; International GeoGebra Institute.

     The conference is held as part of the VIII International Scientific and Educational Forum "Man, Family and Society: History and Prospects of Development" and is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Professor Larin Sergey Vasilyevich.
    The purpose of the conference is to unite the efforts of scientists, researchers, teachers and educators, graduate students, students and students of secondary schools using information technology in basic mathematical research and mathematical education.
      The following issues were discussed at the conference: computer algebra and graphics systems, supercomputer computing in basic research in mathematics; computer systems and traditional mathematical courses in higher education; risks in the mathematical training of schoolchildren and students in the conditions of informatization of society and education; open scientific problems in mathematics and computer science and the research activities of students and schoolchildren; the use of dynamic geometry and mathematical systems in solving problems of entertaining, school and non-elementary mathematics; the role of dynamic geometry systems in research, visual and interactive teaching of schoolchildren, in the development of their thinking; new educational areas related to the integration of dynamic geometry systems in the curriculum of schools.
      During the online conference, reports were made by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Informatization of ArkGPI Umbetov Abilkhan Umbetovich, the topic of the report "Method for calculating the propagation of laser radiation through a composite crystalline lens"; teachers of the secondary school of the city of Arkalyk Saken Dinar, Kubekov Symbat with the theme of the report "Mathematical Modeling as a Learning Tool"; Sarsembaeva Rosa Zholdybaykyzy with the report "The use of ICT in mathematics as a means of forming functional literacy."

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