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To the poet's anniversary: ​​Saken Seyfullin - 125 years

To the poet's anniversary: ​​Saken Seyfullin - 125 years

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In connection with the celebration of the 125th anniversary of Saken Seifullin, the literary evening “Sәken - zhyrdyk sargylmas dariyas” was organized at the information and library complex of the ArkGPI named after I. Altynsarin, organized by librarian G. Alibekova

    Saken Seyfullin - the founder of modern Kazakh literature, poet and writer, statesman, founder of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, who contributed to the formation of progressive views of youth.
     His works have always been very popular, because they praised the identity of the Kazakh people, love for the motherland, respect for traditions, native language, the spirit of patriotism, reflected the life of our ancestors, the hardships of their lives, revolutions, revolts and other historical events.
     The event was opened by first-year students of the Kazakh language and literature specialty Zhambek Albina, Patima Udaybergenova, Temir Aydana, Berikara Altai, who performed S. Seifullin's poem Kokshetau. They also introduced the biography of a Kazakh writer to those present in the hall; a family photo of the poet, documentary materials, and his works were presented on an interactive whiteboard.
     The poet’s wonderful lyrical songs “Tau Ishіnde” performed by student Kapan Olzhas were also sounded. 1st year student Apbaskhan Balkyn performed the arnau of his own composition “Alash Perzentі”. Students who took part in a literary evening received spiritual enrichment.
    At the end of the evening, the director of the IBK Sarsenkul Makhina summed up the results of the event, where she noted the outstanding services of the poet and writer S. Seifullin in the struggle for the future of the nation. She also congratulated the library staff on their professional holiday.

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