Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

“Freshman Month - 2019”

“Freshman Month - 2019”

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Upon admission to the university, freshmen enter a completely new educational environment, unlike the usual school environment. A part of this new environment is the information and library complex of the university, which, fulfilling its mission of promoting the educational

and upbringing process, directly contributes to the adaptation of students at the university. The library of the ArkGPI named after I. Altynsarin as an information center of an educational institution is the platform where there is ongoing work with first-year students. From September 2 to September 30, the "Freshman Month" is held in the library.
      Within the framework of the month, the library is recorded, library cards are issued and issued, and training in using electronic resources of the IBC, such as the workstation (workstation) Reader, Electronic Library, Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library, and the Internet. There is a conversation about the rules for using the library, about the structure of the library, and the mode of operation.
     When visiting the library, freshmen can find useful information about adapting to study at the institute at the library stands. At season tickets and reading rooms, exhibitions of book novelties are organized.
     Welcome to the library! We will help you learn!

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