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N. Shaw Malcolm “International Law”

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In the project office "Spiritual Revival" Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute. S. Altynsarina November 8, 2019 a round table was held on the presentation of new textbooks used in the educational process in the Kazakh language.

 The Department of the History of Kazakhstan, Law and the Fundamentals of Economics is the organizer of this event. In the office of "Spiritual Revival" at this round table, experts, teachers and students participated and attended. Four-year students Janibek Karzhauov, Aruzhan Tolekbayeva, Arailym Kayyrbaeva made presentations on the biography and work of N. Shaw Malcolm and expert opinions on the book International Law.
 On the basis of the program “Perspective Directions: Spiritual Revival”, the “New Humanitarian Education” follows. He emphasized the role and importance of training future young specialists in the educational process of labor "International Law", published by N. Shaw Malcolm, on the basis of the project "100 new textbooks in the Kazakh language".
Within the framework of the “Spiritual Revival” project, young Kazakhstanis have been active and should contribute to its implementation. The leader of the round table was the senior lecturer, candidate of law, Chair of the History of  Kazakhstan, Law and the Basics of Economics, Boshybaev Turgynbek Balgabaevich.


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