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Updating and discussing the implementation of educational programs

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On January 21, 2021, at 15.00, an extraordinary expanded meeting of the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Geography was held in the form of round table to discuss the progress of implementation and updating the content of educational programs for admission 2021 with the participation of an external working expert group.

The following teachers of secondary schools in Arkalyk took part in the extraordinary expanded meeting of the department as members of the external examination: school director, geography teacher of secondary school No.2 Zainullin Murat Rauilovich, teachers of Y. Altynsarin gymnasium: chemistry teacher Tasmagambetova Almagul Galimzhanovna, biology teacher Essilbayeva Noyan Egimbayevna and history teacher Kurmangaliyeva Gulden Gazizovna.
Taking into account the renewal of the content of secondary education in Kazakhstan and the relevance of organizing distance learning in connection with the pandemic situation in the world, the working group together with school teachers discussed issues of updating the content of educational programs and the expected results of training future young specialist teachers. As a result, the recommendations of the members of the external expert group were adopted, aimed at the development and implementation of the following elements: organization of practical work aimed at increasing the functional literacy of future teachers; mastering the approaches of integrated teaching of disciplines, modern information technologies in the context of distance learning and focus on modeling global problems.
In general, the process of implementing educational programs at the department is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the content of the secondary education system, according to the working group for the development and assessment of the quality of educational programs.


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