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On June 01, 2020, according to the plan of the circle "Жаратылыстанушылар" of the Department of chemistry, biology and geography, a regular meeting of the circle was held on the ZOOM platform with the participation of senior teacher, master Amirov M. S., students of 1, 2, 3 courses, scientific supervisors. At the meeting of the circle the following scientific reports of students on the topics of scientific research were heard:

1. Student of group B-21 Аshim G. scientific supervisor doctor PhD Korazbekova K. U. variety of plants of the reserve " Алтын дала”;
2. Student of group B-31 Shayakhmet B. scientific supervisor doctor PhD Уermekbayeva A. T. influence of abiotic factors on coniferous plants of the city;
3. Student of group X-31 Dauletkalieva G. supervisor: senior teacher, master Dosmagulova G. K "possibilities of computer programs in the process of teaching chemistry".
4. Student group G-11 S. Anesov scientific supervisor master Salimzhanov N. O. " Opportunities of digital laboratory in geography"”;
During the online seminar, topical issues in the field of modern education and distance learning technology were discussed.

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