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This year, 2020, we are going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the great Victory in the most brutal war in the history of mankind. Victory day is one of the most joyful holidays of our life. Victory day is the most special holiday for the younger generation.

06.05.20 at 12.00 in the framework of the Victory Day celebration, senior teachers of the Department of Informatics K.S.Shongalova and A.Zh.Sundetbaeva held an open educational hour on the theme "MAY 9 VICTORY DAY" in online mode.
The purpose of the educational hour: to teach the young generation to a deep knowledge of history, to adhere to the principle "No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten". To increase students ' love for the history of the Fatherland, respect for the heroic deeds of soldiers who could not see the victory ceremony, respect the history of their people, and strengthen the friendship of representatives of other nationalities around the world.
In honor of the celebration were shown the presentation and video entitled "Asistencia Uly Otan soicind". A student of the MI-11 group Toleugali Aishabibi performed the song "Victory Day", a student of the MI-21 group Tursynova Shamshat read the monologue "Kazak aruy". The open educational hour was held at the proper level.

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