Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

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The mission of the Institute


 ArcPI, being the educational dominant of the region, provides training for competent, multilingual, knowledgeable and owning mechanisms, tools for the implementation of the modern education model, teaching staff with a pronounced citizenship for the educational, cultural and social development of the region.
- an innovative pedagogical university that implements a cooperating educational and scientific policy, in which the classical traditions of higher education are combined with the latest educational technologies;
- a consolidating center and a driving scientific, social and cultural force of the region.
    Strategic goals:
- to become a leading educational, scientific and pedagogical center for the preparation of competitive teachers with work competencies in organizations of preschool education and upbringing, general education schools and small schools in the context of a 12-year education model.

Policy of the Institute:
- Improvement and enhancement of educational activities, development of image and competitiveness of the institute;
- Integration inside the institute and involvement of all staff in the process of achieving sustainable development of the institute;
- Improvement of material-technical, educational and methodological, socio-economic and innovation base for sustainable development;
- Focus on providing consumers with educational services at a level determined by the legislative and regulatory requirements;
- Rational dynamism and mobility in accordance with market conditions for long-term relationships with suppliers and customers;
- Development of educational services in the context of the Bologna agreement.


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