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Student self-government of the ArkSPI

Student self-government of the ArkSPI

Student self-government plays a significant role in ensuring the quality educational environment of the Institute. Within the framework of the functioning of the educational system of the Arkhangelsk State Pedagogical University there are three main levels of organization of student government:1. Academic level, where the student community is formed on the basis of a separate academic group of students. At the initiative of the student leaders and curators, the elders from among the students of the academic group who form the Starostat at the department are elected. Such kind of associations take part in institute events of various levels.
2. Faculty level - is formed from the number of students of the faculty of various courses, where the Student Dean's office is created. The student dean's office is an important self-governing body in the faculty, which acts to ensure the most accurate organization of the teaching and educational process and the effective communication of students with the dean's office, faculty and faculty. Such associations take part in solving problems of various orientations at their level and participate in inter-faculty activities of the institute. The executive operational body of the student's faculty is the council of the Student Dean's office. The Student's Dean's office includes students who are responsible for a certain direction: educational, scientific, social, cultural, sports, information. But while the work of departments stands still, without giving definite results. A huge problem on the way to the effective development of student government in student deaneries is the previously outdated Regulation on student self-government of September 11, 2008, in which there are no clear instructions that would regulate the cooperation of this body with the administration of the university. But now the situation is at the development stage, where the governance structure changes, and the responsibilities of student self-government are being changed at all levels. The Council of the student dean's office is headed by the Student Dean of the Faculty: at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology, 3-year student Hasimova Ulzhikhan, Faculty of History and Art - 3rd year student Tanabergenova Aizhan, Faculty of Natural Science and Informatization  -  2nd year student of Merekekyzy Elmira.
3. The general institution level is the student self-government "Zhas Orda", which includes students of all faculties. It is important to note the inseparable connection of all three levels of student self-government of the Institute. Here there is continuity of students at all levels and collective participation in various extracurricular activities:"Dedication to students", "Two stars", "Miss ArkSPI", Day of laughter, "Hello, we are looking for talents!", "Rector's ball" and many others.The progressive youth of the Institute takes an active part in student forums, festivals, rallies and other mass events: Republican patriotic festival of student youth "I believe in youth!", Dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, the idea "Mangilik El"  - bright future of youth "Republican patriotic forum of youth, Almaty city," my native land "festival" Student Spring-2016 ", Kostanay city," I believe in youth "republican student forum, Almaty city," Student's Youth organizations and students self governments increase of efficiency of work » national seminar-training, ENU after named  L.Gumilev, the city of Astana and many others. For special successes in studies, active participation in scientific, social work for students, various forms of moral and material encouragement are established. The choice of forms of material incentive is carried out within the available means. Based on the results of the work during the semester, it is envisaged that the gifted students (cultural, sports, scientific research activities) will receive memorable gifts, diplomas, letters of thanks   At this level, the youth associations of the Institute also operate. These associations are called upon to solve tasks at the institutional level, often working closely with the administration of the university.
Youth associations of the republican level carry out activities within the framework of the institute in order to realize their tasks related to youth policy. It is a branch of the youth wing of the Nur Otan Party - "Zhas Otan", whose goal is to consolidate the youth of Kazakhstan on the basis of the policy platform of the President of the country in order to ensure the modernization leap in the development of the country. The leader is the third year student of the faculty of pedagogy and philology - Koshshan Assem. The youth organized events: the action "Symbols of the State", the operation "Clean the Beach", the action "The victory of the Leader of the Nation - this is our victory!", The Youth Forum "Mangilik El", participation in the celebration of state holidays, including the President's Day and many others.
The main goal of the branch of the Alliance of Students of Kazakhstan: the formation of public prominence as an organization that really resolves the legal, socioeconomic and everyday problems of student youth and actively participates in the formation of Independent Kazakhstan. The leader of ASK was Zhetkergenova Zhansaya, 3 year of the faculty of pedagogy and philology. The annual events were: "Clean Session", "Youth Blindness", "Down with Spurs!" Rendering assistance to WWII veterans, charitable concerts, discotheques, flash mobs "A World Without Nuclear Weapons", "Caution, a Pedestrian!".Representatives of these associations, coordinate their activities with the administration of the institute and their work, one way or another, solves problems within the concept of educational activities.1. Social direction. One of the most massive, to which, first and foremost, it is necessary to include the primary student trade union organization operating on the basis of the ArkSPI. 715 students are members of the union. The student trade union organization has it is representative offices at different levels, which are subordinate to the chairman elected by the students. Trade Union is engaged in the protection of rights and social support of students. The primary student trade union organization is subordinate to the regional trade union committee, although in fact they are under the full control of the administration of the university. The activity of the trade union committee (trade unions of the faculties) discusses the actual problems of student life, concerning the faculties, dormitories, ongoing events. Thanks to the efforts of the trade union committee, proposals were made on the item of expenses for cultural-mass, sports and recreational work. About 200 students who showed themselves in studies, scientific work, sports, public activities were awarded with valuable prizes, diplomas, laudable certificates, etc. The annual tradition was the holding of a forum of the trade union of students of the Kostanay region, where they were awarded annual prizes in the following nominations: "Science "" Zhasyl - El "," You choose a profession "," Everything is creative, otherwise why "," Let's give our names to the records ".Association of Trade Union Organizations of Students of the Kostanay Region. events were organized where our students took an active part: hostel competition - 1 place (200000 tenge), a seminar on the basis of the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor", a master class on the topic "The role of the trade union organization of students in organizing leisure and leisure of students", competition "Best cook "-3 place, volleyball-1 place, football-3 place.Also in this direction is the pedagogical detachment "Line of Success". On the basis of children's health camps students ArkSPI them. Y. Altynsarin successfully implement the program of the pedagogical unit "Line of Success". The level of training of counselors allows each shift in the camp to make it particularly interesting and diverse. For the best organization of summer holidays for children, in the contest "Children and Summer", on the line of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Kazakhstan was awarded with an honorary diploma; Awarded the diploma of the Department of Tourism, Physical Culture and Sports of Akmola region, 2013 - 1 place in the contest of children's health camps of Akmola region, 2013 - Grand Prix in the competition of counselors "Navigator of childhood"; 2014 - 3 rd place in the remote republican contest "Heart given to children".
Student Council of the House of Students, who also solve student problems of a social nature within their competence. Educational work in the hostel is an integral and important part of the educational process in the ArkSPI. Student self-government of the Students' House is actively developing. At the beginning of the academic year, students living in the Student House elect a Student Council and its chairman at an open meeting, the duties of each member of the Student Council are immediately determined, and the elders are established on each floor.  At the moment, Kulmanova Aizhan, 2nd year student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology, Student House No. 2 - Adylbekova Saltanat, 3-year student of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Philology, is the Chairman of the Student Council of the Students' House. According to the approved plan, the student council holds meetings to resolve domestic issues, to observe internal order (organization of cleaning, watch), organize and conduct cultural events: "Two stars", the contest "The best room", "The house in which I live" , "Prevention of AIDS prevention", meetings with law enforcement officials, representatives of the mosque.
2. Creative direction. Covers a large number of students seeking to show their creativity in the learning period. Five years, as there is a creative association them. M. Dulatova created on the initiative of the dean of the faculty of pedagogy and philology Kaliyeva AK, which unites all the creative groups: theatrical studio "Rukhaniyat", KVN, school of akyns, trio "Tor'ay Tolkyndary", dance group "Anyz", Karkem sz. This association has about 100 students.3.Sportivnoe direction. First of all, sports teams of academic, faculty and institute level, operating within the framework of the university, should be included here. This direction is of a massive nature and is organized under the guidance of the sports club "Barys" and the Department of Physical Education and Sports. Sport student teams not only represent their university or faculty at competitions of different levels, but they themselves can also initiate sports events. On the basis of the sports complex of ArkSPI there are student sections for the following sports: volleyball, basketball, football, Kazakh fight, tennis, a gym functions.Youth associations noticeably increase the pace of development, this year, the "Naz" club was opened by the Department of Primary and Preschool Teaching Methods, where girls will be brought up in the spirit of national traditions. On the basis of the club, a school of original education has been formed, which will become a platform for meetings and conversations of the older and modern generations. To participate in the club are invited to public figures, women deputies, just those women who will be able to share with girls life experience.

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