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A small island called Happiness.

A small island called Happiness.
Bright, sonorous summer gives pleasure to everyone, especially children. That's the children's health center "Sokol" from year to year opens its doors to children. Rest of children in the children's health center "Sokol" is a sea of positive emotions, new friends and joyful events.The children's health center "Sokol" is located in the North Kazakhstan region, Aiyrtau district, with. Shalkar in the territory of Kokshetau National Park. Forest air gives children the opportunity to improve their health and relax in a supportive ecological environment. The park zone, along with the mountains and lakes has an interesting and informative rest, provides a charge of vivacity, strength and health for not one year.The children's health center "Sokol" stands in a forest with a fenced territory on an area of 6.3 hectares. The children's health center is guarded by round-the-clock security. The territory of the The children's health center is well-maintained and refined. On the territory of the center there are various sports grounds, premises for the circle work. The children's health center "Sokol" has three capital bedroom buildings: two two-storey and one single-storey. In each building, 4 to 8 adult counselor-educators live in separate rooms with children in separate rooms, which ensure the safety of children around the clock. Children are settled in the buildings in rooms (at least six people in each) by separate detachments, which are formed by age, which allows children to quickly unite and socialize in a new collective. All the corps of the The children's health center is equipped with pedestals (for essentials), wardrobes, toilets, bidets, washbasins.In order to patriotic education in the club and library there are stands with state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Every change of the corps of the Docent "Sokol" is artistically decorated with detachable corners in two languages, where the life of detachments, plans, achievements, news is reflected.Each building is equipped with evacuation plans in the event of a fire, reminders according to fire safety rules, and also with the necessary fire safety equipment. With all employees and children, discussions are held on fire safety techniques and actions in the event of a fire.One of the most inviting places in the children's center "Sokol" is a dining room of summer performance: light, spacious and cozy, it can simultaneously eat 360 people. Professional chefs from KSU "Construction and Technical College № 1 of Kokshetau" feed the children with tasty and healthy dishes. The menu in the The children's health center complies with all requirements and norms of a balanced diet and includes all the most necessary products approved by the RGU "Ayyrtauskiy District Administration for the Protection of Consumer Rights".Children with pleasure eat hearty soups, side dishes, cutlets, vegetable salads, sweets, confectionery, fresh fruit. Cooks bake confectionery every day.The clinic is a structural unit of the camp, which implements therapeutic, health and preventive tasks. In the presence of an observation room, a treatment room, two isolators in the lock, sanitary units, showers. From the first days of stay in the camp, the child is surrounded by the attention and care of highly qualified specialists. Sanitary-educational work is carried out in the form of interviews, newsletters, role-playing games. Every day, during preparation for bed, medical workers make a detour and visual inspection of each child."Sokol" does not forget about the main thing - the health and strengthening of the children's organism. That's why we pay special attention to walking on fresh air, climbing mountains, constant stay on lakes, mobile games.For those who like to spend a vacation with a book, there is a library in Sokol with a total fund of 2,000 copies in Kazakh and Russian. The fund is updated before each vacation and contains, as classical works of Kazakh, Russian and foreign authors, and books of modern writers.On the basis of The children's health center "Sokol" students ArkSPI them. I. Altynsarina successfully implement the program of the pedagogical unit "Line of Success". The level of training of counselors allows each shift in the camp to make it particularly interesting and diverse. The counselors will always find an individual approach to each child, in time they will select the necessary game to make the atmosphere in the detachment of friendly, conducive to revealing the potential of children, their creative abilities.  Daily communication helps to shape the personality, communicating, they learn a lot of new things, transfer their own experience to other children. At the same time, rich entertainment programs help you to quickly learn and express yourself to more constrained guys. Each child finds for himself what he is interested in, because during the whole shift a lot of events are held: Miss Sokol, Obstacle Stripe, Zarnitsa, Light the Star, Neptune Day, New Year, Circus, Oscar Falcon, etc. Among them are sports competitions, children's parties, mini-theaters with vivid performances. DOC lives by its traditions: musical surprises, the presentation of the dolls Chistiuly for a clean room, evening party candles, rallies.This year, the Sokol Center has worked five shifts, the duration of each shift is 12 days. During the summer period of 2015, 968 children rested in the Sokol Children's Center, including 507 from the schools in Kokshetau. Children came from Petropavlovsk, Astana, Stepnogorsk, Taraz, Ekibastuz, Tyumen, Karaganda, Moscow, Omsk.To expand the horizons of children, the acquisition of new useful knowledge and skills by the leaders of the leaders created clubs and circles of interest.Dance club "FLESH DANC" the main goal was to introduce children to the basics of choreography and the basic elements of dance sports, which have great educational opportunities. Dancing in different directions allowed children to develop coordination, memory. In addition, the lessons of choreography helped to expand and deepen the notion of the culture of Kazakhstan.Club Art-therapy carried out the following activities:- organization and holding of drawings competitions to significant dates-organization and conduct of inter-events and competitions- Conducting creative workshops, trainings aimed at studying and promoting creativityThe vocal circle "Solo +" outlined the leading goals for itself: creating a social and cultural environment for the development of creative potential, organizing leisure, promoting healthy lifestyles, raising the cultural and intellectual level of children; propaganda of the best samples of songs from the counselor.The club of theatrical mastery "Litsedei" is a voluntary association of children and adolescents, based on a community of interests and joint creative activity: it is the production of miniatures, role plays, mini-performances and the development of oratory.The club of psychological training was designed to create conditions for the predominance of feelings of cheerfulness and vivacity in children, belief in oneself, in one's strengths and abilities, respect for people and self-respect, fullness of life, fascinating activities.The sports instructors spent the morning exercises, supervised the preparation and holding of all-national sports events: the Olympic Games, Zarnitsy, the Desertir Relay, the Merry Starts, comradely meetings between the teams in football, tennis, pioneerball, basketball, checkers, chess . Organized swimming of children, hiking to the "Two Brothers", Lake Shalkar.Do not forget this year, the social center "Sokol" social partners. At each shift, the children met with the workers of the Center for Healthy Living, the AIDS Center, the Akmola Regional Narcotics Center, who conducted a lecture "Know everything about AIDS", the video lecture "Invisible War", trainings: "Camomile" and "Values", and "Your Rights" quiz .What kind of children's holiday without discos? The children's health center "Sokol" has a specially equipped hall for discos. In any weather the guys know that the disco will take place. Each disco was special: "Star Rendezvous", "Sweet Couple", "Happy End", "I Love to Wear the Glasses", "Fair Wind", "Ribbon", "Stars Falcon", "Hello, Friend", "Red parti" ", "Mail".
Sukhomlinsky also said that children should live in a world of beauty, play, fairy tales, music, drawing, imagination, creativity. This world was created in the Sokol Information Center.

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