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Public catering facilities

          A rational and nutritious diet is important for the health of the body. Proper nutrition contributes not only to maintaining health, but also to high performance. For this purpose, a student canteen for 120 seats has been opened in the Altynsarin ArkPI, and there is also a buffet in the Students' House where students can buy essential products.
Today, the university canteen functions as a student cafe, it is conditionally divided into 2 zones, a dining area and a zone for working with Internet resources, the so-called communication zone, where students enjoy their leisure time. Directional antennas are installed here to access the Internet through the wireless technology of the Wi-Fi system, thanks to which students and staff of the institute have free access to the Internet at any time convenient for them.
In 2010, the dining room was renovated in accordance with European standards, furniture was made in our own workshop: tables, soft sofas, chairs, large-format plasma TV were purchased, and a lot of work was done on the aesthetic design and landscaping of the student cafe.
About 2000 students study at the university, of which 900 (45%) are covered by organized meals. Proper nutrition is the basis of health. The dining room menu provides a wide range of varied dishes and culinary products.
The average cost of a 4-course lunch is 250 tenge. The prices here are quite reasonable, for example, the cost of a cheesecake is 30 tenge, samsa 80 tenge, pies 40 tenge, buns 35 tenge (price list is attached).
Student self-government functions at ArkPI, a public control commission works, which monitor the quality of the services provided by the student canteen.
The public control commission consists of 4 members: the head of the department for general issues and office work, the paramedic of the first-aid post, the chairman of the students' trade union committee.They monitor the provision of students with a full-fledged varied diet for students in the canteen, take part in establishing the most optimal mode of operation of the catering company, develop proposals for improvement catering for students, teaching staff and employees of the institute, exercise public control, reveal deficiencies and contribute to their elimination.
Every day, the medical assistant of the medical center carries out a sample of the prepared dishes, periodically takes samples of products and dishes for sending them for examination or laboratory analysis, and makes appropriate entries in the canteen sanitary state log and in the brokerage log (log for assessing the quality of cooked dishes)
During the academic year, various events are held that are aimed at improving the quality of food, expanding the range of dishes and culinary products.
In May and October 2019-2020, raids were carried out by the commission of public control over the quality of services provided. As a result of the ongoing activities, the quality of service and the quality of food has improved significantly.
The university administration also does not stand aside, they carry out certain work aimed at providing charitable assistance to low-income students.
Thus, all conditions have been created in the ArkPI for full-fledged, fortified food for students, teaching staff, and staff of the institute, and work to improve the quality of food and services will continue.

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