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House of students №1

The Institute has two student dormitories on its balance sheet - Student House No. 1 - with a total area of ​​3085.2 sq.m.
Comfortable living conditions have been created in the House of Students No. 1. The cozy, comfortable rooms have new furniture and a wireless Wi - Fi system that allows you to access the Internet for free. There is a self-study room for students with access to Internet resources. Showers and household rooms are equipped. On the ground floor in the assembly hall there is equipment with installed broadcasting of satellite TV programs. The stair railings were replaced, the floor tiled and linoleum replaced. It should be noted the poster design of the hall, assembly hall. In the corridors, on the floors, there is a photo gallery: "Astana is our capital", "Blossom, my Kazakhstan!", "National cuisine of the Kazakh people", "The nature of Kazakhstan", etc.
The territory in front of the House of Students has been landscaped: a special recreation place - "Students' Alley" has been organized, there are basketball and volleyball courts, a football field. Through the efforts of the students living in the hostel, the entire territory has been landscaped, lawn grass has been sown, flower beds have been laid out, more than 250 trees have been planted.
The organization of the work of the ArkPI Students' Houses is regulated by a set of documents establishing the status of a student hostel, the internal routine of life and everyday life, the role and tasks of student government bodies.
The procedure for moving into the hostels is regulated by the “Regulations on the House of Students of ArkPI”. Accommodation of students in the dormitory is carried out by the order of the rector according to the representations of the deans of the faculties, agreed with the vice-rector for educational and ideological work, and the trade union organization of students of ArkPI. On the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated August 7, 2009 No. 374 "On the approval of financial standards for higher and postgraduate education", the maximum rate of payment for accommodation in the Students' House is paid 15% of the monthly stipend, which is 3.142 tenge per month.
Dormitories of ArkPI have repeatedly become the winner of the regional review-competition of hostels in the nomination "The Best Dormitory".
Educational work in student homes is an integral part of the educational process of the university, where the main goals and objectives of educational work in dormitories are:
• organization of cultural and mass work;
• prevention of asocial and illegal behavior of students;
• ensuring successful adaptation of freshmen to the living conditions in the student houses;
• formation of the need for a healthy lifestyle;
• assistance to the work of student government.
The plan of educational work in the Homes of Students provides for various forms and methods for organizing everyday life, leisure, as well as individual work with students. Traditional conversations, lectures, meetings, evenings of meetings with representatives of various services, interesting people, etc., as well as new forms and methods that give opportunities for a broader manifestation of the personality of each student: discussions, round tables, etc. Educators, in close cooperation with the departments, conduct a number of traditional events: An evening of acquaintances; KVN; "Akyndar aitysy", competition "Golden Autumn"; "Zhigit sultany"; "Two stars"; New Year's Eve, discos and many others.
There are student councils in the student houses. The Student Council carries out its activities on the basis of the "Regulations on the Student Council of the House of Students" and is coordinated by the administration of the hostel.
According to the approved plan, student councils hold meetings to resolve everyday issues, to comply with internal order (organization of cleaning, shifts), organize and conduct cultural events. The council consists of the most active students who organize the work of the following commissions: on cultural and mass work; sports and recreational work; housing and household work; headmen of each floor.
According to the established schedule, a daily watch is organized in the evening for the teaching staff. A housing and household commission has been created, which includes: the vice-rector for educational and ideological work, the head of the administrative and economic department, the head of the educational and methodological department, the head of the educational work department, commandants and educators of student houses.


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