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Office of Control and Documentation Support


Akhmedova Gulzat 

Chief Compliance and Document Support

8 (71430) 7-24-88 .: ext 111 

Office of Control and Documentation Support provision is located in the main building ArkPI, 2-floor, № 219 cabinet

Brief information about the unit:
Office of Control and Documentation Support is a subdivision of the administration and staff, implementing provide clear documentation management at the institute in accordance with the "Model Regulations document and records management in the public and non-governmental organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan", approved by Order of the Acting Minister of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 25 September 2009 №128.

• Ensuring a clear document management at the institute in accordance with the requirements of the instructions in proceedings;
• timely submission to the state storage and processing of documents with a constant period of storage;
• timely reception, registration, view incoming and outgoing correspondence, sending its leadership;
• providing a unified procedure for documenting, monitoring the progress of execution of instructions on the documents parent organizations, the internal decisions of the Institute;
• Implementation of expert evaluation of documents, preparation and execution of individual parts of the Integrated inventories of cases of permanent, temporary (over 10 years) storage Affairs personnel and act on the allocation to the destruction of documents that can not be stored;
• Outgoing mail sent to the MES must be signed by the chief executive. In his absence, the person to whom officially entrusted with the duties of the first head (in this case, it is an order designating the person in the appropriate authority);
• to ensure the efficiency of the execution of the university decision-makers should view the timely receipt of correspondence from the university e-mail and immediate inform the first head;
• preparation of documents to be transferred to the departmental archives;
• consultation of employees structural units on records management;
• Development of in accordance with applicable regulations of the forms of administrative documents of the Institute;
• monitoring the safety and validity of the cases in the divisions of the Institute;
• Organization office in the state language;
• drafting nomenclature Affairs Institute

The structure unit includes:
Сhief of department, specialist, archivist


Barzhikova Saule 

Specialist division

Maira apai

Ospanova Maira



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