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Office of the Registrar

Shaimenova Lyazzat 
The Head Office of the Registrar

Ph.: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, internal ph.: 112
Brief information:
   The main functional duties of the Office - Registrar include: drawing up academic calendars, lecture groups, the schedule of exams, the schedule of examination sessions, the schedule of final state assessment on internal and correspondence forms of education, reception, registration and storage of student's documentation, work with the students who are restored in higher education institution, transferred from other higher education institutions or from one form of education on another with the students who have returned from the academic vacation within elimination of a difference in curricula, implementation of the program of the academic mobility of students.
    Information of statistical reporting and compilation of the Institute's one-time reports on forms and deadlines set by official bodies, preparation of orders for the staff of students, provision of units and faculties with copies of orders and extracts, issuance of academic certificates, control over the correct execution of student documentation at faculties, students, maintaining a database on the contingent of students, providing students with certificates at the place of demand;
    Data of the statistical reporting and drawing up single reports of institute in forms and in the terms established by official bodies, preparation of orders on staff of students, providing divisions and faculties with copies of orders and extracts, issue of the academic references, control of the correct execution of student's documentation at faculties, drawing up the reporting under students, maintaining the database on the contingent of students, providing references to students in the place of the requirement;
Office - Registrar annually carries out record of students on subject matters to the terms established by the academic calendar. In the course of record on subject matters students get advice of the adviser on formation of an individual educational trajectory.
   The decision of the Academic council of institute has approved the quantitative structure of the academic groups for carrying out elective disciplines, translated points (GPA) from a course on a  course are approved: from 1 course on the 2nd – 1,6 points, from the 2nd on the 3rd – 1,8 points, with 3-oho on the 4th – 2,00 points.
With the credit technology of teaching, the student independently defines the educational trajectory by record on subject matters of an obligatory component and a component for choice. Record terms are defined on subject matters in the academic calendar.
The procedure for enrolling in the academic disciplines is organized by the Office - Registrar. When writing to the academic discipline and forming its educational trajectory, the student uses the advice of an adviser.
    To ensure the independent determination of the educational trajectory of an educational institution:
1) provides the student with a standard curriculum for the specialty;
2) provides the student with a catalog of elective disciplines;
3) organizes the procedure for recording the academic disciplines.
   Students 2, 3, 4 courses begin the procedure of recording for the academic disciplines of the next academic year from the middle of March. For students of the first year, a record for the academic disciplines is organized after they are enrolled before August 30. The amount of training load for the entire period of training should be at least 128 credits. The volume of the training load for the compulsory component is determined by the standard curriculum of the specialty. The rest of the training load is complemented by the disciplines of the component of choice.
    Based on the results of the recording for the academic disciplines:
1) the student forms his individual curriculum;
2) Office - Registrar forms academic groups.
Students 2, 3, 4 courses have the right to make adjustments to the individual curriculum until August 25 of this year. The individual curriculum of the student is approved by the dean of the faculty no later than August 26 of this year.
The credit technology of teaching gave the opportunity to improve the forms, methods of independent work of students and the creative work of teachers in the educational and methodological support of the discipline. The cognitive level of students, skills and skills of independent work increased. The types of control of students' knowledge have increased. All processes of implementation of credit technology training are automated using the capabilities of the computer program Platonus. The program includes a system for organizing and providing the learning process, blocks for planning educational activities, conducting internal semester certifications.
With the introduction of the computer program Platonus into the educational process, it became possible to take exams by computer testing. This allowed to raise the quality of students' knowledge, their fair assessment, to mobilize time.
Cooperation of registrars and department specialists with the deans and departments to improve the quality of students' progress and independence in the selection of the educational trajectory;
Timely and qualitative replenishment of the base of test assignments in the disciplines of the specialties of the Institute;
Tracking, analyzing and summarizing student learning outcomes throughout the school year.
   The structure of the unit includes:
Head of Office - Registrar
Methodists-Full-time registrars
Methodologists-registrars of the correspondence department
Expert of student's documentation
Expert in the academic mobility
Karatalganova Akmaral Bekenovna - registrar of the faculty of pedagogy and philology
Agibaeva Almakul Ualievna - registrar of the Faculty of History and Art
Ибраимова Ардак Жаксылыковна - методист заочного факультета
Uaisova Asem Bektasovna - methodologist of correspondence faculty
Gaysina Ainur Erkebaevna - specialist in academic mobility
Dabylova Gulbakhyt Serikovna - the dispatcher
Korgambekova Gul'naz Beknazymovna - spetsialist po studencheskoy dokumentatsii
Mkhamediyar Zina Islambekyzy - extras
     Brief historical background:
    The introduction into the educational process of the institute of credit technology training began in the 2003-2004 academic year as an experiment on specialty 050506 - "Economics."
Since the 2004-2005 academic year, all 18 specialties of the 1-day full-time department of the Institute have switched to credit technology teaching.
In 2007, the first graduates of bachelors of economics (admission 2003) were implemented.
In 2008, bachelors were graduated in all specialties of the Full-time department.
In the 2008-2009 academic year, students of 1-4 courses of the Full-time department of 21 specialties are trained in credit technology.
     Since February 2005, the department of the Office-Registrar began to function in the Altynsarin ArkSPI.
Since March 2010, the Registrar's office was renamed into the registration and testing department.
Since February 2013, the registration and testing department has been renamed Office - Registrar.
Official / methodical documents:
Academic calendars of specialties and courses, depending on the specifics of their training.
Academic streams of lectures
Individual student's curriculum (FTI).
    A guide for 1st year students (contains brief information about the university, structural subdivisions, faculties and departments).
Transcript of the student (a document containing a list of completed disciplines for the relevant period of study, indicating credits and grades).
Orders for the staff of students
Exam Schedule
Ranking and examination lists
Schedule of state exams

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