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Sector of Practice and Employmentof Graduates


Zhumagali Gulzhanat
Head of Sector

The Sector of Practice and Employment of Graduates is a structural subdivision of the Institute, fulfilling the tasks of planning and organizing production practices, activities for employment and monitoring career development of graduates of the Institute. 

The main tasks of the Sector are prospective and current planning, inspection of professional practices of students, implementation of activities to promote the employment of graduates, monitoring the career development of graduates, preparation of reporting documentation, as well as current and operational information for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The sector performs the following functions:
• Work with pre-school organizations, schools and other educational organizations of the city and region;
• carrying out work to secure applications for the need for teaching staff from the departments of education of the region and the city;
• Conducting correspondence with the schools of the city and the region on the employment of graduates, systematic updating of the data bank for vacancies;
• Organization of a job fair;
• Creation of a commission for the distribution of alumni and participation in its work;
• issuing directions for work, permits for free employment;
• a report on the results of the direction and arrival of graduates to their destinations;
• development of appropriate official, working and methodological documentation in the areas of their activities;
• creating a database on organizations and graduates working in them;
• work in the field of employment of graduates of the Institute;
• communication with graduates of the Institute for at least 3 years;
• summarizing the feedback from employers and, on their basis, preparing proposals for improving the learning process;
• conducting sociological surveys among students and employers and on their basis preparation of recommendations for improving the quality of graduates;
• coordination of the chairs' work on organization and conduct of professional practices of the students of the Institute;
• Together with the issuing departments determining the bases for the practice of students, monitoring the timely preparation of orders for assigning students to the practice bases and their leaders from the departments;
• monitoring the availability of contracts with the practice bases and their compliance with the profile of training the specialty;
• control of the implementation of practices that must correspond to the work curriculum of the specialty and the schedule of the educational process;
• Control of the availability of practices, diaries, students' records on practice at the departments of programs, and reports of managers from the departments;
• coordination of the departments' work on the organization and implementation of dual training;
• Together with the issuing departments, the definition of educational organizations for the implementation of dual training, monitoring the timely preparation of orders for the passage of dual training students;
• monitoring the availability of contracts with educational organizations on the implementation of dual training;
• monitoring the availability of programs, reports on the implementation of dual training at the departments

The sector consists of the following structuralunits:
  - Head of the sector

  - Specialist

Smagulova Dinara Galymzhanovna

Kaldygulova Ainur Salimzhanovna



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