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About Y.Altynsarin

  The great Teacher of Kazakh children, the teacher-innovator, educator Ybrai Altynsarin was born in 1841 in one of auls of present Kostanai region. His father Altynsary died early, and the boy was brought up at the grandfather, well known in steppe of bi-judge Balkozha. In 1850 in Orenburg was opened the Russian-Kazakh school in which Ybrai studied among thirty other Kazakh boys. The imperial administration created such schools to train in them the future officials for management in local departments to carry out their policy. Therefore pupils were brought up in colonial spirit. But Ybrai Altynsarin, since small years he got used to freedom and independent thinking. He took a great interest in novels of the world classical literature, he began reading W.Shakespeare, I.Gete, D.Bairon, A.Pushkin, N.Gogol, M.Lermontokv, I.Krylova's books, Firdousi, Bottoms, Navoi and many others.


    Ybrai Altynsarin was the real patriot of his people, and he loved them very much with soul. The talented young man considering the purpose of the life, not career and ranks, but people education. Since 1860 he excitedly was engaged in pedagogical activity, becoming the national teacher. In the same year region  heads charge Y.Altynsarin to open an elementary school for the Kazakh children in Turgay. With his direct assistance opened seven elementary schools, four two-class schools and teacher's school were opened. As region the heads did not allocate money for opening and the maintenance of schools, Ybrai Altynsarin traveled over, explained people of necessity open schools, training in them the Kazakh children. Schools have been opened for money collected by the people. Some time Ybrai had to teach children at home.

       At last, in 1864 Ybrai Altynsarin obtained that school for the Kazakh children, which he dreamed to open. The boarding school also was opened. For schools of new type the teacher-educator writes educational aids «the Initial management to teach of Kazakhs to Russian» and «Kirghiz reader», which left the separate book in 1879 on base the Russian alphabet. In these books there were included samples of ancient Kazakh poetry, folklore, transfers of L.N.Tolstoy, K.D.Ushinskiy, I.A.Krylov’s work, and also original poems and Y.Altynsarin's stories.
       Y.Altynsarin in the work used educational ideas of Russian democrats and the advanced technique of leading teachers of that is Ja.A.Kamensky, K.D.Ushinsky. L.N.Tolstoy who too based schools in Jasknoj to the Glade for country children. I.Altynsarin, studying Russian progressive technique of teaching of subjects, has visited Sankt-Peterburg, Kazan, Moscow.
       Being the Kazakh poet, whose works are samples of classical poetry, Ybrai Altynsarin devoted to the composition of stories and poems for children, actually became the founder of the Kazakh children's literature. 


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